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Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murasaki_Shikibu

Invisible and Dreadful.” Strange Horizons, 19 Aug. 2019. 6,200 words.

“Behind the dark silhouette of Kazu’s head the world unfurls like a picture scroll.”

Features love, holograms, and the great medieval novelist Lady Murasaki Shikibu.

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In Progress

Our Lady of the Light.” Kaleidotrope, Summer 2019. 800 words.

“The empire of Immernen is home to two kinds of gods: those that can be seen, and those that cannot…”

Stately, strange, and short. An Evocative Theology.

“Four Accounts of the Discovery of Orchard Street.” [Viewable online (scrolling) or with purchase.] Galaxy’s Edge, Sept. 2019. 3,200 words.

“Even the smells of things change by the sea.”
“All the dragons arcing off the roof …”
“Who do you think gives the orders?”
“Sharp and more sour, by month and by hour.”

Four perspectives converging on a singularity. Can you ID all four myths?

Fiction & Prose:

River Street.” Apex, Issue 112, Sept. 2018. 750 words.