Fiction & Prose

“Our Lady of the Light.” Kaleidotrope, forthcoming (2020). 800 words.

“Tumbled over, / mortal thing.” LampLight Magazine, forthcoming (as of 11/2018). 300 words. A small ghost story in conversation with the first stanza of this Gerard Manley Hopkins poem.

“Orchard Street.” Galaxy’s Edge, forthcoming (as of 08/2018). 3,000 words.

“When the Vine Came.” Lackington’s, forthcoming (Fall/ Winter 2018). 1,600 words.

River Street.” Apex, Issue 112, Sept. 2018. 750 words.

“Kenning Season.” The Massachusetts Review, Spring 2018, Vol. LIX, No. I. 3,000 words.

“North Street.” Phantom Drift, Issue 6: ’The Impression Of Irreducible Strangeness,’ Oct. 2016. 3,000 words.

Three Ladies of the Evening: An Abbreviated List of the Ladies of Pleasure Along the Grand Canal.” Big Echo: Critical SF, Summer 2016. 3,400 words and three Old Master portraits, plus footnotes.

Sonnets from the ‘New Heart’s Ease.’” * The Future Fire, Issue 35, 2015. 4,200 words, plus six poems and lots and lots of footnotes.

Earlier publications

End of the Line: A Puzzle” (micro). Apex, Issue 14, July 2010. (Reprinted from original publication at The Daily Cabal.)

“May 18th’s ‘Under the Weather’: Record Reviews from a Warmer World” (micro). Zahir Tales, Issue 21, April 2010. 400 words. (Reprinted from original publication at The Daily Cabal.)

“The Monkey and the Butterfly: or, The Monkey and His Soul.” Shimmer #11: The Clockwork Jungle Book, Winter 2009. 3,600 words.

“Toward a Martyrology for Museums: Ekphrastic Tales of Horror.” * Escape Clause, ed. Clélie Rich, Ink Oink Art Inc., 2008. 2,700 words and five Old Master pictures.

“Apples.” Evocative Objects: Things We Think With, ed. Sherry Turkle, The MIT Press, 2007. 5,500 words and loads of intertextual references.

“Klaudia’s Bracelet.” Philadelphia City Paper, Nov. 8 2007. Winner of the 2007 First Person Festival Memoir Competition, short-short category. About 500 words.


400-word pieces. Published at the Daily Cabal from Nov. 2008 – Sept. 2009. Archived at:

  • “From ‘Caipho and Erasmus’: Act II, Scene i”
  • “12/28/99”
  • “End of the Line: A Puzzle”
  • “May 18th’s ‘Under the Weather’: Record Reviews from a Warmer World”
  • From Godmother Python’s Bestiary of Wonderful Flowers:
  • – “Regional Myths Surrounding the Giant Bellflower”
  • – “Vice Gardens”
  • – “Excerpts: A-C”
  • “Day Street”
  • “Our Lady of the Sands”
  • “Our Lady of the Snows”
  • “Our Lady Underground”